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fanmix : waving white flags [george/mason]

hazyflights wins at life. Honestly. All of these songs are so perfect, and it's all her fault. I just supply the mediocre art. We both hope you enjoy.
[and because I'm shameless, check out my george/mason fic]

i. helicopters ; the stills
and how your heatwave ran
through our snow black fields
and we dropped our young
to a ragtime feel

ii. turn into ; yeah yeah yeahs
my those quiet eyes become you
leave it where it can't remind us
turn this all around behind us

iii. shadow on the wall ; brandi carlile
it's hard for me to weep when I'm strong
cause i can never sleep when you're gone

iv. meaningless love ; under the influence of giants
i find that letter
we wrote together
when time was fearless
nobody's mistress
i tried to tell you
i can't afford you
unless you're timeless

v. sometimes (i wish) ; city and colour
what happens when i grow old?
and all my stories have been told?
will your heart still race for me?
or will it march to a new beat?

vi. cheek to cheek ; sahara hotnights
let's leave it just like this
right after all is said and done

vii. run to you ; rocket summer
i will move, right on through all these things i have done.
and you'll take me back, i don't know why.

viii. if she wants me ; belle and sebastian
on second thoughts, i'd rather hang around and be there with my best friend,
if she wants me

ix. those eyes ; thirsty merc
those eyes are gonna make me fall
one look I want it all

Tags: fandom: dead like me

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