Sin (sinfuldeception) wrote in twicerare,

fanmix : so we bid our hearts adieu [matt/julie]

So... as hazyflights and I tip the scales on our AWESOME-METER, we bring you this insanely fabulous mix. This entire thing was all hazyflights's doing. Really. She meshed everything together so well, and then she coded for me... and she's totally at fault for everything this mix is. I just supply the art. We hope you guys enjoy this! Really. We did, so you should too.

1.. paper aeroplane ; angus & julia stone
i spilled the ink across the land
trying to spell your name
up and down there it goes

2. treehouse; i'm from barcelona
i've been climbing rocks and stones
been collecting broken bones
i've been swimming across the lakes
just to find this perfect place

3. parentheses ; the blow
now and then you can bend
it's okay to lean over my way

4. slide away ; joseph arthur
if they don't get to you
get to me
we're gonna walk a path
ever free

5. won't you come again ; susie suh
and what do i do
when i'm black and i'm blue
and i'm still loving you

6. little lover's so polite ; silversun picksups
little lover's so polite
turning off the low light
tell me did the bones collide

7. keep me warm ; ida maria
but i don't wanna play any theatre for you
i don't wanna stage a single piece for you

8. if i fall ; aqualung
i can see clearly
your face in the crowd
makes me feel not alone

9. this boy ; james morrison
we'll play in the park
til it's too dark for us to see
well, we'll make our way home


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