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ficmix : happy endings aren't just for fairytales [may's gift]

Happy Holidays!

This is for hazyflights, and since she can't be in on her own mix... XD
I'm really not good with the music part of mixes. In fact, I kind of fail at it. So, I don't think this is the best mix, but the art is good. /grin May asked for a fic and a mix about two College freshman who accidentally fall in love. The fic is halfway done and the link will be posted at a later date, this is the mix that goes along with it along with May's four favorite love songs. /love
Please let me know if you enjoy it!

i. straylight run ; existentialism on prom night

we're glad for what we've got
done with what we've lost
our whole lives laid out right in front of us

the start of a new life. first year of college and everything is new and shiny.

ii. dashboard confessional ; carve your heart out yourself

Oh you're so sure
I'll be leaving in the end
Treatin me like I'm already gone

but I'm not

We always run for the things that scare us most. For her, it's him.

iii. evanescence ; eternal


this song is beautiful, and to me symbolizes all the ups and downs of relationships. the perfect interlude for the fic and mix.

iv. bethany joy lenz ; songs in my pocket

Oh honey I just can't get around it anymore
You make me feel like home is where you are

Facing her fears, she sees that all she wants is him.

v. mae ; soundtrack for our movie

I hear the music when I look at you.
Orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment.
Well, I'm so in love with you.

the happy ending we all want, and that they deserve.

feist ; now at last
corrine bailey rae ; call me when you get this
cat power ; lived in bars
adele ; melt my heart to stone


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